Dutch artist Nemo Jantzen takes freehand drawing to the next level using simple material such as wood, nails and one single thread to compose textured portraits that are both three-dimensional and multi-leveled.


Nemo Jantzen is a master of perception. Just like his dome pieces, the nails and thread change in appearance according to the distance and type of lighting in which the viewer finds himself. What’s especially striking about this series of work is that he composes the portraits using nothing more than one continues thread. By hammering hundreds of nails into a wooden pallet, he creates a surface that allows him to create layers of shadow, fine lines, and texture. Each piece is then carefully finalized by a tailored plexiglass-box providing customized archival protection.


The success of his nails and thread pieces sparked fire from the moment he introduced the series to the public in 2018 at Art Miami. Art collectors, journalists, interior designers, and other passionate art lovers were fascinated by the level of creativity and craftsmanship that went into the pieces while bringing timeless elegance and style to the table. The frailty of beauty held together by one thin piece of continuity.

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