Combining skills obtained in the earlier years of his career as a painter, sketching his subjects on canvas or paper and learning about perspective, depth, contrast, and light. Nemo is now sketching his subjects using nothing but nails and one continuous thread instead of using conventional materials like charcoal and pencil.


By placing hundreds of stainless steel nails on a wooden board as his canvas, and using his photography as a road map, Nemo zigzags thread from nail to nail, layer over layer until magically his pieces take shape. By the use of delicate thread that cast subtle shades on the background, these incredible pieces are not only extremely detailed, even photo-realistic; but also 3 dimensional, changing by the light cast and perspective of the beholder.


“What often starts in one direction will change as the layers build and affect each other. This process becomes meditative as I work to recall each memory and distill it into a physical representation. A by-product of my process and material choice is that each move can not be erased. It can be picked out or covered over but the holes and ghosts of the idea remain as pentimenti of my process, becoming a layered memory fading to the background.”


Fascinated by the level of creativity and craftsmanship that went into the pieces while bringing timeless elegance and style to the table the success of this new series was immediate and sparked the interest of Art collectors, journalists, interior designers, and art lovers alike from the moment he introduced the series to the public in 2018 at Art Miami. 

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